Another 5 star experience with Dave at DC Plumbing

I needed a toilet replaced, and he was able to find time in his busy schedule to fix it the same day. WOW. He and his apprentice were on time, ready with supplies, and worked efficiently but carefully. I had a rusted out flange which was not expected and they took their time to explain what that meant, and the options for fixing. I cannot recommend a more upstanding, straightforward company. As Dave and Tom were working around the house, they also mentioned areas that were outdated and could potentially need attention in the future. This is useful for me, because I have only lived in this house for 2 years, and who really has time to keep up with all the advances in plumbing and valves and such. Again, Dave was up front, no mickey-mousing around and above all else a pleasure to have working on my house.

I know he does all kinds of jobs, from custom to routine (like my job). I would not hesitate to recommend to my 90 year old gma who knows nothing about plumbing, because I know in an industry that can have some schmarmy folks, Dave will do the right thing, for the right price, and explain everything along the way.

Thanks Dave and Tom!

—Chris T.