Tankless Water Heaters

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Endless Hot Water

A tankless water heater is an energy efficient, practical solution for your home. Installing a tankless water heater in your home saves energy, reduces costs and saves space. Investing in a tankless hot water heater is a choice for your home that you can count on for years to come. Tankless water heaters have an average lifespan of 20 years, 10 years longer than traditional hot water heaters.

Tankless hot water heaters are space savers. Units can take up only 17 inches by 24 inches (17” X 24”) of space and can be fixed to a wall, opening up more space in your home.

More Control

More efficient than traditional water heaters, a tankless hot water heater never runs out of hot water. A tankless water heater heats up the water you need when you need it, delivering hot water on demand without wasting energy to heat water you do not need. Continuous hot water on demand means no waiting for your water to heat and no wasting water while it heats.

Water heaters can account for up to 30% of your home’s energy usage. Tankless hot water heaters are energy efficient. Energy efficient tankless water heaters use up to 40% less energy than traditional water heaters while delivering continuous hot water on demand.


Our professional plumbers help you find the right tankless water heater for your home. With our professional plumbers you can be confident that your tankless hot water heater is installed properly, safely and in the right location in your home for optimal performance.
With diverse experience, DC Plumbing handles every step of the tankless water heater installation process. A professional plumber helps you choose the tankless hot water heater that best fits your needs. Our plumbers provide comprehensive tankless water heater installation services. We help you to choose and purchase your tankless hot water heater; we provide professional tankless water heater installation; and we test your tankless water heater after installation. We work on custom homes, additions and remodels.


Gas tankless water heaters use natural gas to heat your water on demand. Because natural gas is cheaper than electricity, a gas tankless water heater costs less to use than an electric tankless water heater.