Do I Need To Repipe My San Marcos Home?

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One common question a plumber in San Marcos hears is “does my home need to be repiped?” and we are here to give you the answer.  The answer to this question starts with some tips on how to be more aware of the plumbing in your house, how your plumbing works and what situations require you to call a full service plumber like us immediately. WHAT IS REPIPE AND WHEN IS IT NECESSARY TO CALL A SAN MARCOS PLUMBER? When we talk about repipe or repiping, we are referring to the process of Continue Reading ...

Painless Plumbing Repair in San Marcos: Shower and Tub Valve Replacement with No Tile Damage

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The certified plumbers at DC Plumbing are excited to be able to offer San Diego homeowners a faster and less expensive solution for shower valve replacement and tub valve replacement.  Shower valve and tub valve replacements are a great way to get a new, updated look in your bathroom without having to undergo the time and expense of a full scale renovation.  TUB VALVE AND SHOWER VALVE REPLACEMENT Replacing the valves in your bathroom fixtures can give your bathroom more than just a new, Continue Reading ...

Your San Marcos Plumber Answers: What is a Slab Leak and How Difficult is a Slab Leak Repair?

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WHAT IS A SLAB LEAK? Occurring in homes with slab foundations, slab leaks are leaks in the plumbing underneath your floor.  Common in California generally and in older homes specifically, slab leaks can result in higher water bills and flooding.  Slab leaks can happen on hot water lines and cold water lines but you are more likely to get a slab leak on your hot water line. SLAB LEAK DETECTION: WHAT ARE SLAB LEAK SYMPTOMS? When our San Marcos plumber comes into your home to perform slab Continue Reading ...

The Simple Décor Change that Can Make a Huge Difference – Plumbing Fixture Replacement by Your San Marcos Plumber

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For San Marcos homeowners looking for an affordable kitchen or bath upgrade that can be done in a day, plumbing fixture replacement is an excellent choice.  From sink fixture installation to shower fixture installation and bathroom fixture installation, our professional full service plumbers in San Marcos upgrade kitchens and bathrooms for homeowners looking to make a change that feels big but doesn’t take up too much time – or keep you out of your bathroom or kitchen. Replacing Continue Reading ...

Gas Line Plumbing for Outdoor Kitchen, BBQ and Fire Pit Installation and Remodels

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Now is the time to get out and enjoy your outdoor kitchen, fire pit and barbeque.  But before you fire up the grill or gather around the fire pit, make sure that your gas line plumbing installation is safe and ready for you to enjoy. We are a plumber in San Marcos with experience in professional fire pit installation and we understand gas line plumbing and how to work with new construction and remodels efficiently and safely so you and your family can take full advantage of your outdoor Continue Reading ...

Copper Repipe vs. PEX Repipe for San Marcos Homes

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WHAT IS REPIPING? Repiping is the process in which a plumber replaces or bypasses corroded or worn out pipes in your home with new pipes.  In older homes, worn out, corroded pipes are common, often the result of galvanized pipes that, over years of use, start to break down.  Worn out pipes lead to leaks and wasted water. Corrosion in your pipes also creates potential health risks, as it compromises the quality of the water you use for cooking, bathing and drinking in your home. COPPER Continue Reading ...

Superhero San Marcos Plumber – Saving your Home and your Holidays

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Nothing makes us more proud than reading customer reviews about our plumbing services. We know better than anyone how quickly a plumbing problem can arise and how important it is to have a reliable full service plumber that you can call when faced with an emergency. Just before Christmas, a new customer called us after having found us on Yelp where, we are happy to say, we have dozens of five star reviews from customers all around San Marcos who we’ve helped with everything from scheduled Continue Reading ...

How to Get Spotless Dishes – The Answer is in the Pipes with Whole House Water Filtration Systems

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Are your dishes covered with spots when they come out of the dishwasher, even after changing soap brands? This could be because of hard, scaly water running through your pipes, a common problem we see in San Marcos, CA, and throughout North County, San Diego. If your water has this effect on dishes, just imagine the impact it has on your skin and hair. Whole house water filtration systems clean your water safely, leaving your dishes, and your skin, clean and healthy. WHAT DO WHOLE HOUSE Continue Reading ...

Welcome to the New DC Plumbing Website!

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We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Every day at DC Plumbing we are looking for new opportunities to improve our customer service and reach new customers. Our new site provides expanded information about our services and highlights a few of our specialty services like tankless water heater selection and installation, whole house filtration systems and kitchen and bath remodels. DC Plumbing is your full service company providing professional plumbing service in San Continue Reading ...