Painless Plumbing Repair in San Marcos: Shower and Tub Valve Replacement with No Tile Damage

Posted on: August 6, 2014 by in Featured Plumbing Services
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san marcos shower tub valve replacement

The certified plumbers at DC Plumbing are excited to be able to offer San Diego homeowners a faster and less expensive solution for shower valve replacement and tub valve replacement.  Shower valve and tub valve replacements are a great way to get a new, updated look in your bathroom without having to undergo the time and expense of a full scale renovation. 


Replacing the valves in your bathroom fixtures can give your bathroom more than just a new, sophisticated look.  Valve replacement repairs plumbing damage in your tub.  In addition to repairing damage, replacement bath and shower valves also can help to prevent water waste and leaks.  When it is time to replace tub and shower valves in their bathrooms, our clients turn to their local San Marcos plumber in search of the fastest, easiest and most reliable solution.

To help make tub valve and shower valve replacement as easy and painless as possible, we use a Moen remodel kit.  A trusted plumbing supply brand, Moen is the number one faucet brand in North America.  This new method for replacing shower valves and tub valves enables our certified plumbers to replace shower or tub valves without having to remove or repair tile work around the fixtures.


Typically, when a plumber replaces the valves in your tub or shower, it is necessary to remove the tile work around the fixtures to complete the repair work inside the wall.  Once the plumbing repair is complete and the valves are replaced, the plumber then has to turn attention to replacing, repairing, and often patching the tile work in the tub or shower, in order to restore it back to the way it was before the valve replacement project.

In this case, using the Moen remodel kit, our plumbers are able to complete the bath valve replacement without having to touch the tile work, and without having to remove tiles to get in to the wall.  Not only is this a faster and more efficient way of getting the job done, it is often less expensive.

If you need a valve replacement for a repair or a remodel and you want to leave your bathtub tile work untouched, this is a smart option to consider.  It is reliable, fast and painless, all of the features you want from your plumber and your bathroom plumbing project.

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