Your San Marcos Plumber Answers: What is a Slab Leak and How Difficult is a Slab Leak Repair?

Posted on: June 12, 2014 by in Featured Plumbing Services
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slab leak repair san marcos


Occurring in homes with slab foundations, slab leaks are leaks in the plumbing underneath your floor.  Common in California generally and in older homes specifically, slab leaks can result in higher water bills and flooding.  Slab leaks can happen on hot water lines and cold water lines but you are more likely to get a slab leak on your hot water line.


When our San Marcos plumber comes into your home to perform slab leak detection, we often find water that has built up between the foundation and the base of your flooring.  In some cases, that water can leak through your floor where you can begin to notice unexplained water on your floor, or in more serious cases, you can experience flooding from the water leak under slab.

Noticing water on your floor is just one slab leak symptom.  In our twenty years working as a San Marcos plumber, topping the list of most common slab leak symptoms is a floor that feels hot to the touch.


After we have assessed your slab leak symptoms and confirmed that you have a slab leak, as opposed to another plumbing issue in the home, through under slab leak detection, slab leak repair is a straightforward and fast process.  Whether you have a slab leak on a hot water line or a cold water line, the slab leak repair process is very similar.

First, we reroute the slab leak by cancelling out or abandoning your old, leaky line in the slab.  For the next step of slab leak repair, we abandon the old line in the slab and run a new plumbing line overhead.

Our Experience Means Your Comfort

As a plumber in San Marcos for over 20 years, we have extensive experience in slab leak detection and slab leak repair. Often, we are able to reroute a whole bathroom or kitchen in just one day, making slab leak repair time short and painless for you.

At DC Plumbing, we work hard to accommodate our clients by making a bad situation as easy as possible for you.  In addition to the rerouting for slab leak repair, we can also drywall your kitchen and bathrooms where we went in to perform the slab leak repair.

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