The Simple Décor Change that Can Make a Huge Difference – Plumbing Fixture Replacement by Your San Marcos Plumber

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For San Marcos homeowners looking for an affordable kitchen or bath upgrade that can be done in a day, plumbing fixture replacement is an excellent choice.  From sink fixture installation to shower fixture installation and bathroom fixture installation, our professional full service plumbers in San Marcos upgrade kitchens and bathrooms for homeowners looking to make a change that feels big but doesn’t take up too much time – or keep you out of your bathroom or kitchen.

Replacing Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets Can Create a Big Change in Your Room

With many styles to choose from, we are able to match the décor of your home or the specific room.  Our bathroom and kitchen fixture installations range from modern to classic and everything in between. Your new faucets become a focal point, a functional piece of art in your kitchen or bathroom.

Even though faucet installation is primarily a cosmetic change, because we are full service plumbers, we also make sure that we are giving you the best functioning faucets that work with the pipes in your home.  For this reason, when we replace faucets, our plumbers recommend also replacing angle stops and flex lines.  This keeps the water in your home flowing properly and reduces water waste. Angle stops help to prevent floods and make the house safer.

New Shower Fixture Installation Saves Time, Mess and Money

Shower fixture installations can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your bathroom and our San Marcos plumbers can have them done in a day.  We come in and pull out bath tub and shower valves, and have the new set back in the same day, minimizing downtime, clutter and intrusion on your household.

Choosing the Right Fixtures for Your Faucet Install

With so many brands to choose from, we go out of our way to help clients pick out the fixtures that fit the décor they want and work the way they need. Among other brands, our San Marcos plumbers often recommend Moen products.  Moen makes excellent mid-grade fixtures and offers a life time warranty.

As a San Marcos plumber, we do multiple kitchen faucet installations and bathroom faucet installations every month and our clients always remark on what a big change a faucet installation makes in their décor and their day-to-day life.  If you are looking for a small improvement that makes a big impact, contact us to learn what we can do for your kitchen and bath.


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