Copper Repipe vs. PEX Repipe for San Marcos Homes

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Repiping is the process in which a plumber replaces or bypasses corroded or worn out pipes in your home with new pipes.  In older homes, worn out, corroded pipes are common, often the result of galvanized pipes that, over years of use, start to break down.  Worn out pipes lead to leaks and wasted water.

Corrosion in your pipes also creates potential health risks, as it compromises the quality of the water you use for cooking, bathing and drinking in your home.


Copper repipe is proven to last over time, as long as the copper repipe is installed by a professional full service plumber.  Unlike galvanized pipes that can corrode after years of use, the copper repiping you replace it with will not deteriorate, corrode, or compromise the health of the water in your home.


PEX, which is a cross-linked polyethylene, is a tubing material used in residential pipes systems as well as commercial buildings for water piping, heating and electrical systems.  All PEX repipe sold and installed in the US meets ASTM standards for product quality and safety.

Compared to copper repiping, PEX repipe is less expensive to install. Copper repipe cost can be more than 60% higher than PEX repipe.  PEX repiping also resists scale buildup and corrosion.  When installing and working with PEX repipe, your plumber is able to use less fittings, which means you are less likely to get leaks.  Easier to work with than copper repipe, PEX repipe is often the best choice for remodeling projects.


A professional full service plumber serving the San Marcos area, we are copper repipe specialists.  If you are considering a copper repipe or PEX repipe project because you are experiencing issues with water pressure; your water smells like metal; you have recently found leaks; or you feel like your water usage doesn’t match your water bill, contact us.

We will be glad to speak with you about your repiping project and help you determine whether copper repipe or PEX repipe is the best choice for your San Marcos home.

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